Washout Jig


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This is the washout jig designed by Pat Tritle as an aid in rigging wings with the proper incidence and washout. The jig is 4 parts that are set near the wing root and near the wing tips. The jig is adjusted and the wing is held to the jig with rubber bands (or similar fixing). The wing is then rigged, ie, struts attached, rigging wires adjusted, etc to hold the proper alignment.

This jig is large enough for planes under 70" in span and 5lb. The jigs need to be held to the bench either with clamps, screws or weights. The jig is made from 1/4" Liteply (actually two laminated 1/8" liteply pieces).

Note: the airplane in the photo is not included. It is shown only so you can see how it is used during building and to give you an idea of the size. This 'kit' contains the laser cut liteply parts and sticks necessary to built the 4 stanchions. The plans, 1/4" bolts and rubber bands are not included.

Note: The plans for this are available for download on the download page.

  • Designer/Source: Pat's Custom Models

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