What's in The Kits?

Most of our kits are "Short Kits". They include plans and the laser cut parts for assembling the model. You will have to supply sticks, balsa and ply sheeting, wire, hardware, covering material, servos, motor, battery and ESC (electronic speed control) to complete your model. There are NO instructions included in many of our kits. If we have instructions for a kit they will be available for download on our DOWLOADS page. There are a very few kits that have a 'full kit' option. These kits will include some crude instructions, extra sheet and stick wood, wire and such to build the model (the list of included items is in the instructions on the download page). They will not include hardware such as screws, control rods, rigging, etc.

The pictures of the models frequently include other details not included in the kit. Unless specified the kit will not include scale details such as windshields or windshield material, pilots, machine guns, rigging, engine details, etc. Those details are left to the builder as to how scale they want to make their model

Some of our kits include vacuum formed plastic parts to complete the look of the model. Those parts are included in the description of the individual kits. If they are not specified, then are not included.

Our kits are designed by several different people and the skills necessary vary greatly. Most of the kits can be assembled by anyone who has built a number of balsa kits in the past. These kits are not suitable for beginners.

Note that many of our kits are described as "Scale". They are not exact scale and are best described as "Sport scale" since overall dimensions may have been changed to make them fly better or be easier to build. Also, most do not have a scale airfoil for the same reason.

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