Small Models

These Peter Rake designs are good slow flying planes.  They are all around 8oz RTF and are 3ch.

Design power is the GWS IPS geared, brushed motor with a 6:1  gear and GWS 9070 prop on 2s Lipo (15-30W). Upgrade to brushless is possible with the Medusa or Feigao 12mm IPS replacement motors.

Some of the more recent models are designed for the 15gm 1300kV outrunner motors (designated by a *).

Of course, if you choose to modify the motor mount you can fit other motors.

These are all short kits.  They include only the laser cut parts and plans.

Models currently available are the:

Martin MO-1, 30”: American early  monoplane, general purpose plane
Fokker DVIII, 30”:  German late WWI monoplane fighter
Sopwith Strutter, 27”: British WWI  biplane scout
Eindekker EIII, 30”: German early WWI monoplane  fighter
Hergt Monoplane, 30”: German WWI scout
Caproni-Pensutti, 18”:  Early flying triplane
Farman Sport, 24”: Post WWI civil  sport plane
Nieuport IV, 30”: One of the Nieuport racing planes
Bristol Scout, 27”: British WWI biplane scout
Sopwith Camel, 27”: WWI British Fighter
Nieuport 11, 25”: WWI French Fighter
Sopwith  Swallow/Scooter, 30”: Post WWI Scout monoplane
WACO  SRE, 29”: Golden Age cabin biplane
RAF SE-5A, 29”: British WWI fighter
Pfalz EI, 30”:  Early WWI German  Scout
Morane Saulnier L (Pfalz A.I/EIII), 30”:  Early WWI Scout
Farman Moustique F-450, 30”:  Early homebuilt
Fokker F.II, 30”: Post WWI civil
*Ettrich Taube, 30”: Early WWI German Scout
*Morane Saulnier Racer, 30”: Early civil racing plane
Bristol Fighter F2B “Brisfit”, 28”:  Late WWI fighter
*Verville Air Coach, 30”:  Golden Age high wing monoplane


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IPS Models
DVIII ($35.95).
Martin MO-1 ($29.95).
Sopwith Strutter ($35.95).
Fokker EIII ($29.95).
Bristol Scout ($29.95).
Hergt Monoplane ($29.95).
Caproni=Pensutti ($29.95).
Nieuport IV ($29.95).
Farman Sport ($29.95).
Sopwith Camel ($34.95).
Nieuport 11 ($34.95).
Sopwith Scooter ($29.95).
WACO SRE ($34.95).
SE-5A ($29.95).
Pfalz EI ($29.95).
Morane L ($29.95).
Farman Moustique F-450 ($29.95).
Fokker F.II ($29.95).
Taube ($34.95).
Morane Racer ($34.95).
Brisfit IPS ($34.95).
Air Coach IPS ($34.95).

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