Shipping Charges

These charges do NOT include any taxes or fees charged by your country.  The full value of your order will be posted on the shipping document and it will be labeled as merchandise, in accordance with US laws.

We will only ship vis USPS Priority Mail in order to guarantee that your package is insured and delivery is recorded.  When your package is shipped you will receive an email notice from the US Post Office with a tracking number.

Shipping within the US, USPS Priority Mail
Orders under $10 ->  $6
Orders under $50 ->  $10
Orders under $100 ->   $15
Orders under  $200 -> $20
Orders over  $200 ->  $25

International Priority
Orders under $50 ->   $30
Orders under $100 ->   $35
Orders under $200 ->   $45
Orders over $200 ->  $55

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