We are pleased to offer kits for the R/C airplane builder.

Our kits are intended for the builder with an INTERMEDIATE skill level.  You should be able to build from plans without instructions.

Short kits include only the laser cut parts for building the airplanes described. Sticks,  wire, etc must be provided by the builder. There are no instructions in short kits.

Our WWI kits also include neoprene rubber cord for making the tires.

Full kits include the wood and wire  pieces necessary to build the kit (no electronics or power). Wire is  not bent. We include pink foam for carved sections. The  WWI kits include neoprene cord for making your tires. Some include a  vacuum formed parts to assist in the build. Crude  instructions are included.  You should review the instructions before ordering.  They can be found on our Downloads page.

If you need covering material Doculam is  available on the accessories page.

Please look through the categories on the menu bar and don’t forget to look through our accessories.


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